Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

Belectric OPV GmbH (BEL) is the successor of Konarka Technologies GmbH. BEL develops solution processed organic solar modules as well as the processes required for their industrial production. The BEL facilities in Nuremberg, run by a team of twelve employees and three PhD students, are fully equipped for the production and characterisation of organic solar cells, including a clean room. The installation of a pilot line with a capacity of around 1 MW/yr is in progress.

BEL's main responsibility is the development, optimization and production of semi-transparent OPV-glass-glass modules for integration into smart windows. In the early stages of the project, BEL provides standard flexible modules to the relevant partners. At later stages, the bottom electrode and possibly also the top electrode is replaced by graphene. Finally, BEL is involved in transferring the production process from roll-to-roll-printing on flexible substrates to ink-jet printing directly on glass substrates. BEL characterizes the photovoltaic functionality of the products with respect to performance and lifetime.

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