Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

LiSEC Austria GmbH (LAT) is an internationally active company offering comprehensive solutions with regard to the production and refinement of flat glass. With more than 1600 employees LAT is worldwide leading in solutions working with flat glass processing (cutting, laminating, tempering, …) and sets standards in quality and technology of insulated glass units manufacturing with high-throughput processing lines. LAT worldwide presence with more than 40 affiliated companies and agencies facilitates the quick implementation of their projects including the necessary supervision conducted by their specialists on-site.

LAT is coordinating the project and develops the necessary machinery for new sealing and new IG-unit technique as well as a special process for thin glass membrane hardening and handling. Furthermore, LAT is involved in the integration of all single components like OPVs, OLED, micro mirrors and solar-thermal collector in the novel window system.


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