Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

PROFACTOR GmbH (PRO) is an Austrian research company located in Steyr and focuses on developing new methods for integrated production technologies. PRO is the executive organization of the VPTÖ, an association for production in Austria led by CEOs of leading companies (BMW, MAN, VATECH, Hilti, MIBA etc.). Approx. 250 companies are partnering with PRO. About 85 scientists of various disciplines conduct research to improve the competitiveness of the production industry and to strengthen mainly the Austrian industrial region.

PRO is responsible for operative project management supporting LIS and the development of the CVD Graphene transfer process supporting AIX. Furthermore, PRO is up-scaling together with TIG the LPE graphene ink from CAM. Last but not least, PRO is supporting UKA regarding the NIL-process for micro-mirror array fabrication and performs AFM characterisation. Additionally PRO is coordinating the dissemination, exploitation and networking work package.



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