Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

Graphene 2013 (Bilbao, 23-26 April 2013)

5 conference contributions of MEM4WIN partners at Graphene 2013 conference at 23-26 April 2013 in Bilbao.

Graphene Conference it´s now on its 3rd edition, proved that is now an established European event, attracting global participant´s intent on sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of graphene-related scientific and commercial developments.

Graphene plays an important roll in MEM4WIN project. First results will be presented and discussed at the Graphene 2013 conference.

  • Talk: F. Bonaccorso et al. (CAM) “Tuning the morphological properties of graphene and 2d crystals in centrifugal fields“
  • Talk: F. Torrisi et al (CAM) „Inkjet-printed 2d crystals“
  • Poster: A. Mameli et al. (CNR) „Optical analysis of grain size in graphene on copper revealed by wet chemical oxidation”
  • Poster: J. Kastner et al. (PRO) “Liquid phase exfoliation of graphite in alcohols”
  • Poster: I. Bergmair et al. (PRO) “Transfer printing of graphene structures onto gold contacts for transistors and photo detectors”