Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

MEM4WIN co-organizes a training "SMART Windows"

MEM4WIN co-organizes a training on "Smart Windows - Energy efficiency of windows" on the 20th of January 2016 in cooperation with the Energy Academy of Energiesparverband.

Windows have evolved in recent decades into a high-tech component. Thermotechnically quality window systems are available. In the future, windows and other glazed components may have additional functions satisfy (eg. light control, sun protection, ventilation, power generation). The focus of the training seminar on innovations in windows - from new glass technology over frame systems and new hardware to automate the window. Innovations include adaptive window systems for shading and light control, the integration of solar technologies and functional materials for "super efficient" window solutions. Furthermore, the standard for right window installation will be introduced and provides information for servicing and maintenance.

Andreas Mader (LAT) will give a talk concerning 4 x IG-Units.

Target groups: developers, architects / interior, planner / interior architect / interior, energy consultants / interior, providers of building and heating technology products and services, etc.

Registration is required until 13th of January 2016 online.