Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

European Smart Windows Conference

About 150 experts are expected at the European Smart Windows Conference on 25th of February during the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels.

Buildings represent around 40 percent of energy consumption in Europe. Smart windows and facades that use energy more efficiently, can make an important contribution to the energy revolution.

The current state of research, highlights and trends of Smart Window Technologies will be discussed at the European Smart Windows Conference on 25th February 2015, in Wels. 

The conference topics in detail are: 

  • Intelligent glass and adaptive façade systems for shading and light guidance
  • Innovations in the area of building integrated energy harvesting with solar thermal collectors and photovoltaics
  • Super energy-efficient window solutions with optimised thermal properties
  • New developments in weight and cost reduction
  • Functional materials
  • Best practice examples

The conference takes place during the World Sustainable Energy Days, one of the largest annual conferences for sustainability and energy.

As partner of the EU-Project “MEM4WIN”, PROFACTOR is responsible for the content-related organization of the conference programme.