Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

Energy Efficient Building Workshop, Athens

Mem4Win was presented at Joint Workshop of the Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Cluster for Energy Efficient in Building in Athens on 8th of April 2014.

The Public-Private Partnership on Energy-efficient Buildings (E2B-PPP) launched in December 2008 under European Economic Recovery Plan managed to attract a high industrial participation and helped innovate the building sector.

In the "Materials" domain, the E2B-PPP has financed 11 projects over three years, in the area of reduced embodied energy (2011), smart windows (2012) and indoor air quality (2013), for a total budget of 80 million € (51 million € EU contribution).

Under this umbrella, the European Nano-E2B-Cluster brings together related FP7 projects that
use NANOTECHNOLOGY as a key technology in order to develop high-performance insulation
materials/products and HVAC systems to significantly enhance the energy efficiency of buildings.

The MEM4WIN Team participated in the smart windows workshop and presented with a poster the projects objectives.

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