Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

solar-thermal collector (fully integrated in IG-unit)

1. The Idea Behind

The idea is to give the insulation not only the function of saving energy, but also to produce energy!
In Europe about 50% of the energy for the heating of buildings to be expended, therefore we want to reduce this demand in the form of solar thermal energy. Solar thermal collectors for energy harvesting are fully integrated in the IG-Unit.
The application in gas-tight insulation provides an ideal prerequisite for this type of collector.
The structures are not thicker than insulating, therefore allows the collector into existing mullion / transom constructions install.

2. Advantages

  • Low panel thickness compared to conventionally flat plate collectors
  • Energy losses reduced by insulating properties (gas-tight and low-e coating)
  • Built in the facade 90 degrees with good optical appearance
  • Improved energy efficiency in the transitional months

3. Results

Energy Glas has produced a gas-tight quadruple insulating glass collector with Lisec technology. The collector works and with improved performance data as a normal flat plate collector. It has better energy harvest in the transitional months and a very good optical properties of the collector for the façade. The insulating collector is gastight and flexible dimensions and special shapes are possible.


4. Contact

Mirco Franke
Energy Glas GmbH
0049 56 92 - 997 45 50