Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

frame-less, openable window for application in facades

1 The idea behind

A new frameless window design allows reducing considerably the weight of windows as well the visibility of frames in facades. Specially, architects are increasingly giving priority to uniform “reflection” in facades as well as to no visual difference between the glass facades and openable window wings.
Therefore window elements within full glass façade were chosen; only for this application a certain element needs to have this capability, where architectural aspects of uniform “reflection” are preferred and have to be considered.
So a parallel outbound opening was chosen to be useful, incl. motorized drive in order to avoid implementation of manual opening elements.

2 Advantages

The output of MEM4WIN will be an advanced, adjustable and affordable quadruple glazing window for zero-energy buildings. Due to the use of ultra-thin glass membranes (

3 Results

The openable wing is not visible in the façade and there are low distortions in the appearance of the façade due to asymmetric construction of the IG-unit. This was shown with the presented exhibit at the Glasstec 2014 showed.

Based on the concept for parallel outbound movement of Siegenia Aubi and on the novel MEM4WIN quadruple IG-unit concept a first frameless, openable window prototype has been manufactured by LiSEC


4 Contact

Andras Mader
LiSEC Austria GmbH
+43 7477 405