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Quadruple insulated glass unit

4 IG-Unit
IG-Unit exhibit @ Glasstech

1 The idea behind

New legislative regulation for further improvements are in progress creating demand for further improved Ug-values, thus new design and manufacturing processes, materials and technologies are required. Since a simple step toward quadruple IG units is not feasible, these new challenges must be overcome like

  • increase of weight due to 4 glass layers
  • higher heat transition by higher amount of edge materials/sealant
  • mechanical instability of edge connection between 4 glass layers 
  • lower light transmission with each additional glass sheet

2 Advantages

MEM4WIN will introduce a novel IG-Unit for quadruple glazing containing ultra thin glass membranes dedicated as frameless openable windows for direct application in facades. Due to this approach U-values of 0.3 W/m²K can be achieved reducing weight by more than 50% and costs by 20%.
The new quadruple insulated glass unit with novel spacer technology reduces weight and costs and lowers the U-value further (down to 0.3 W/m²K)

3 Results

The change in glass thickness from 1 mm to 1.8 mm for inner and middle panes is due to current availability of low-e coated glass. In near future availability of 1.3 mm glass will be given and can be considered. As outer laminate 2+2 mm glass laminate was chosen or also thicker glasses depends on the local situation to achieve required windload requirements. New calculations of the U-value show that the spacer filled with Argon gas can be reduced from 22 to 20mm, which helps to fulfill the requirements of profile manufacturers for less broad profiles.

4 Contact

Andras Mader
LiSEC Austria GmbH
+43 7477 405