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Novel lamination techniques

LiSEC modul encapsulation technology
Novel vacuum process laminator
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Novel lamination techniques for fabrication of OPV glass-glass modules lamination of OLED glass-glass modules

1 The idea behind

Traditional PV technologies are well established in roof top or solar park applications but are not appropriate for integration into facades, shading elements or windows. Lifetimes of more than three years have been demonstrated for flexible modules. Accelerated lifetime tests predict lifetimes of more than fifteen years for glass encapsulated modules. With the new sealing technique which will be developed by LIS during the project we expect to achieve a durability of solar cells up to 30 years since the OPV will be encapsulated 700 times tighter than ever achieved so far.

2 Advantages

Integration of solar modules into insulating windows will lead to a mutual benefit: on one hand, the windows will be provided with functionality. On the other hand, OPV modules will be isolated from water and oxygen for up to 30years, which will greatly enhance their stability. The Lisec lamination technology with additional diffusion-tight edge sealing and the Krystalflex encapsulation foil protects OLED very well against environmental conditions.

3 Results

The several printed OPV modules produced by Belectric OPV GmbH are directly integrated in a diffusion-tight glass-glass-encapsulation with edge sealing and therefore the modules are perfectly protected against environmental influences. It was produced in a newly developed vacuum lamination process by LiSEC for glass-glass-laminates with edge sealing.



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