Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

AMANAC Cluster

MEM4WIN is one of 26 European Projects in the AMANAC-Cluster. AMANAC is the cluster of all Advanced Material and nanothechnology PPP-EeB projects under FP7 and an extension of the Nano-E2B-Cluster and aims to promote synergies and fields of cooperation among projects whose activities focus on energy efficiency in the building environment.
AMANAC currently represents about 255 projects partners of which 63% are enterprises. The projects have been grouped in the following six Thematic Areas:

  • Insulation materials: AEROCOINs, COOL Coverings, NANOINSULATE, HIPIN, NanoPCM, StorePet
  • Embodied Energy: SUS-CON, LEEMA, BioBuild
  • HVAC-Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning: EnE-HVAC, NANOCOOL, NANO-HVAC
  • Smart Windows: EELICON, HarWin, MEM4WIN, SmartBlind, Winsmart
  • Lightweight Components: ADAPTIWALL, ELISSA, MF-Retrofit, SESBE, FOAM-Build
  • Indoor Air: Brimee, Eco-SEE, H-HOUSE, OSIRYS

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