Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows.

Aixtron (AIX) is the world’s leading supplier of equipment for semiconductor epitaxy, as verified by VLSI Research Inc. In 2011, Aixtron had a worldwide staff of 978 and achieved a revenue of €611 million. Its equipment is used by wide range of customers worldwide to manufacture critical advanced components such as HBTs, PHEMTs, MESFETs, Lasers, LEDs, Detectors and VCSELs. Moreover, Aixtron is the leading R&D tool supplier for cold walled reactors for PECVD and CVD carbon nanotube and graphene growth.

AIX brings their competence in equipment development and up-scaling of CVD/PECVD process to develop CVD equipment for graphene growth on large area and a tooling for CVD Graphene transfer onto window glass.

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